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ASCENDANTS Rising is a CO-OP Action RPG that lets you create your own unique playstyle and team up to explore an ever-changing Multiverse teeming with deadly enemies, formidable Boss fights, and amazing loot.

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Key Features

Do you like MMORPGs? Are you tired of the tedious grind, the group hunting, and the long treks before you are allowed to have fun? Or maybe you just don't have time for this anymore?

Then, do we have the game for you!


Quick Access to the Action

Alone or in a group, in just a few clicks from logging in, you could be slaughtering your enemies and picking up that sweet, sweet loot from their cold, dead bodies.


No Grind

Your level does not define your usefulness. Your gaming skills (to be acquired separately), teammates, and choice of build will be your ticket to victory.

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A Build-a-Class System

There is no Class restriction. The large selection of spells, weapons and other perks will help you shape your own play-style! You want to slap enemies with your big sword to heal your team? Done! You want to backstab enemies with your gun? Sure, why not! You want to savor some classic crispy Fireball-cooked enemies? We can hook you up!


Ever-Changing Levels

You think you know that boss over there? That you're going to slice him up with the ol’ rusty kitchen knife so he can cough up some loot? Well, think again, because the Multiverse is a cold, unforgiving mistress. Everything from environments, encounters, enemies, and even the boss mechanics themselves are randomized.

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Press Pack

Here, you will find different versions of the Game Logo, Limitless Logo, and Marketing Assets.
These are free to use for content creators.

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